Finding Beauty In My Desert

“He turns a desert into pools of water, a parched land into springs of water”. Psalms 107:35 ESV

Last year, I had the privilege to join in with 668 Pastors’ Wives & Women in ministry, at Leading & Loving It Retreat. I got to catch my breath, & focus on my heart & mind. The speakers there were amazing, it was like God used each of them to speak only to me. I wish I could regurgitate everything each of them spoke, but I want to focus on a point Lisa Young had said during her session. She said, “The desert can be a place of beauty”. So I began to think about that, & I ask myself “how did I view my desert”, when I was in it. I have been in dry places & I have been in a desert. My dry places I went through, were quick & painless. They were very minimal come to think of it, I could always see the end. The “desert” is a place we will all see, and I was in that place. 

A few years ago, I found myself in the desert, during it I’m sure I didn’t see the beauty. All I seen was this dry place, I was hurting from everything & everyone, so I thought. I had my “Woe is me” moments, a lot more than I would like to admit. I felt like I was sinking in quicksand & I couldn’t fight my way out, BUT GOD! 

Now with a new perspective, I see the beauty of the desert. God sometimes has to get us to the desert so we can find Him. So the beauty I found in the desert was, I grew closer to God. I began to study the word like never before, I prayed, I totally relied on the Holy Spirit to lead me. I became stronger spiritually, I now know how to deal with situations, and how to react. I look back & I thank God for my desert. I found thanksgiving in the desert. I found ME in the desert.

Lisa Young also said, “Don’t waste the pain”, God had purpose for me in the desert & I gained wisdom through that desert. I refuse to waste that! The hurts & pains I went through were not wasted, God has great plans for my life & I can only follow His plan if I conquer the desert. I conquered the desert & I will conquer the next one!

Sometimes our desert is a place to Catch our breath. 

So if you are in a desert place, I pray you find the beauty in your desert. God didn’t put you there to kill you, He put you there to keep you alive. As my husband would say, “don’t just survive, THRIVE”  Go conquer your desert with the Holy Spirit, the Word, Purpose, & faith. God is behind you, beside you, & He goes before you. He has a pool of water waiting for you. Catch your breath & rest in Him. 


A Pastors’ Wife Finding Herself

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