Taking a step back

As a pastor’s wife, we sometimes get caught up in different ministries of the church, especially if we are new church. Our church is 4 years old now, and we have workers in the church, but I also fill in where we need extra workers. One week my allergies won the war, so I decided with a scratchy throat & the inability to breathe, I would not sing on the praise team.  We all know that we do it to give God the glory and not ourselves, but  I’m sure everyone’s ears appreciated the step back I took. I was not on the schedule to teach the kids that morning, which was a plus, because no offense the kids probably wouldn’t have learned a single thing. So that Sunday I got to take a step back and rest in His presence. I think sometimes we need to take off all the hats we wear and just simply take in God’s presence.

This scripture from Psalms came to me; ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good. ”  Psalms 34:8 GW

It was such a blessing to see what all God has blessed our church with. I got to sit in the midst of the people & worship God & just enjoy resting in His presence.

My husband & I are truly blessed with the people He has sent us. Our worship leaders, our teachers, our young ministers, & our people are the best. They allow us to take a step back. As I was sitting in the crowd I looked up and couldn’t help but smile, because I could see & feel the anointing of God from each and everyone on that stage. I was one Proud Pastors Wife.

I encourage every person in ministry just for one day to take a step back, rest in God, catch your breath & ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good. “


A Pastor’s Wife Finding Herself

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