The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

I love social media, just ask my family. They joke and say “Are you “playing”  Facebook?” Not even sure if you can “Play” Facebook.

So today I’m going to vent! I didn’t want this blog to be used as a venting tool, but it may be today.

I do love social media, I believe it is great to connect & reconnect with people. I manage 5 Facebook pages; 1 Personal, 1 Church, 1 For my blog, & 2 for work. I have 3 Instagram’s;  1 Personal, 1 Blog one, & 1 church one, I have Twitter Pages; 1 personal & 1 Church one. So I do “play” Facebook & others. So many connect with social media, why not use it for the good. I can post church announcements, share my blog, see friends I haven’t seen in years. I love it because I can connect with different Pastors’ wives and there you have a circle of prayer right there when you need it. I love when people post a scripture and that may be just what I needed to hear that day. I love being able to see my cousins beautiful babies grow up, even though we live in different states.  So that is definitely the good about social media.

Now to the bad…..


Thank God Twitter gives you a limit on characters……………

Today I seen where one of our TV news stations, posted about a prayer vigil for a teen hurt in a car wreck. I was reading the article, & it was talking how a community was coming together, in prayer, over a 16 year old hurt in a bad car wreck. Just pitiful because I have a son that is 16 and you feel for the parents. I was thankful to see the news post this, until the comments……. People were actually having a debate over “Religion”. I understand people have their views and that is fine, but come on people, a teenager is laying in very critical condition, and a debate isn’t what needs to happen.  If you don’t pray at least have compassion & support for those involved. If you do pray, PRAY!!!! Debating over someone not believing the same way you do will not help.

The other day one of our members posted about the awesome service, we had Sunday, and we did. He posted, “This is why I love my church”, and someone actually commented, “It’s suppose to be God’s church”. Really?!?! I LOVE MY CHURCH too, God blessed us with this church, He has ordered ever step. Without God we couldn’t have planted our church 3 years ago. If a member of FHL says “This is why I love my church” if a member posted that on social media, that means they love  the fellowship of other  believers. So to me that is a GOOD social media post.

The Ugly…….

People can’t just have an opinion, they feel the need to constantly push their opinions on everyone else. I think some people just like to fight.  God did not call us to fight, He called us to love. I see so many Christians who are bitter & judgmental, It breaks my heart, because when I seen the fights start on Social Media, peoples true colors come out. There are “Religious” fanatics that make “God” fanatics look bad. religion will not get me to heaven, BUT GOD will. When you come against me on social media, you won’t get a fight, you may get a reply (that’s rare), or you may get get unfriended (sadly this has happened). I don’t need people in my life who try to tell me I’m wrong about something, just because it’s not the way they do it. If my church wants to do a Superbowl Party Fellowship, I think that’s ok, don’t try to “handle” us. The Ugly comes out on Social Media a lot, I’m not talking about bad selfies, I am talking about the Social media “Fight Club”, the only thing is you know who is in that club, because they talk about it & no one taps out. I sure don’t want to be a part of that club! I want my post to be positive, thoughtful, loving, happy & encouraging.

Back to the Good…….

I love that I can post stuff about my family, my church, my day, etc. I love seeing people come together in prayer even though they don’t know them. I love I can reach out to other Pastors’ wives whom I have never met. I love that random people send me a Happy Birthday post, I love when my profile pic gets “Liked”. Things like that make you feel good! I love trying new recipes out, that people post. You get true reviews on that recipe. I love seeing post about what God is doing in their lives, their churches, etc. I love being encouraged & hopefully encouraging others by a post. I love showing off my family because there #1 to me, sometimes we are cheesy but I love them. Social Media is a good thing for people to come together, just don’t get caught up in The Bad & The Ugly. Use it for good.

Paul sums it up in Philippians 4:8-9 

“Summing it all up, friends, I’d say you’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies”.

I pray my post are always GOOD! Sorry to vent.


A Pastors’ Wife Finding Herself

2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

  1. I even delete negative comments on my posts. I use Facebook to Glorify God. So if some negative comments come across and I feel they don’t point to THE gracious God, the comment gets deleted. Not on my page, no-sir-ee! Keep pointing to God, the nay sayers will have to take it or leave it. 🙂

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