May We Never Lose Our Wonder

I originally posted this earlier this year, but wanted to share again

It has been awhile, but its been busy. I have needed and wanted to catch my breath so many times, but could not just do it. So this morning is “ME” time, and the calendar is clear.

When at work I usually have worship playing on my computer. Yesterday was a “REPEAT” day for a couple of songs. I know God played those songs just for me. I feel like this week I have been in a valley and I don’t know why. Usually you know why you are in the valley. We have all these mountain top experiences and then when you are in valley, you forget about the mountain top. While in  the valley, not meaning to you forget what God did on the top of the mountain, you on concentrate on the lowest part of the valley.

So yesterday Bethel’s song “Wonder” came on and it put me on my knees (not literally, I was at work) and I really had to look at my heart and mind.

the definition of Wonder is:

1a :  a cause of astonishment or admiration :  marvel

2:  the quality of exciting amazed admiration

3a :  rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience b :  a feeling of doubt or uncertainty

The definition really explains your mountain top & valley experiences, On top of the mountain we are astonished at how active God is. We are excited and amazed. We fix our eyes on HIM. While on the top of the mountain we never lose our wonder.

Then you slide down the mountain. When your valley time comes, the only thing that fills your mind is your valley. We began to wonder how we got into the valley, how we will get out of the valley. The uncertainty consumes you. Uncertainty is way worse than the valley, you doubt yourself &  you wonder if others believe in you. While in the valley you are always on edge, at least I am. You question everything and everyone. That is not the way to be. So when this song came on, I realized I had only been thinking of how and why. I forgot about my Mt. Everest experience, that God gave me. I had to remember the marvelous & amazing things & experiences God has given me. My valley isn’t has low as I think, it is just on my way to my next Mt. Everest experience. My mountain will always be bigger & last longer than my valley. I need to remember to never lose my “Wonder” while in it.

Catching my breath is a must with me, a little more me & God time is what I needed. The busyness of life should never get in the way. God amazes me everyday, His activeness fascinates me. He is always there, i just need to take the blinders of doubt off & fix my eyes on Him.

Here is a little refresher while in your valley, so catch your breath & enjoy;

Just remember, your valley is a short distance to your mountain top experience. May we never lose our wonder on the way. Just keep going. God’s got you.


A Pastor’s Wife Finding Herself

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